Japanese Learning Software: 5 Tips For Picking the Course That Suits You Best

There are lots of Japanese language learning programs on the market. Some are better than others, and some are good for certain types of people but not so good for other types of people. This article will give you 5 tips in regards to how to choose the program that is best for you personally.

1. Get to Know Your Learning Style

Many popular Japanese language programs were designed with regard to the learning philosophy of a man named Dr. Pimsleur, who believed that the best way to learn a second language was in the same manner that you learned your first. This, of course, is to hear words and phrases and then repeat them, just like a child. This method works very well for some people, people who are auditory learners. If that’s you, great. Choose one of these audio-based programs. If you are more of a visual learner, however, or if you like to study written dialogues, be sure that you choose a program that offers instruction in more than one learning style.

2. Find Out When the Software Was Updated

I have seen quite a few “premium” Japanese language learning software programs that have not been updated in several years. These programs have fallen behind. Today’s best programs have amazing voice recognition features, online forums, exceptional aesthetics, and much more. If a program hasn’t been updated in several years, it is most likely not worth buying.

3. Check Out the Online Features

It used to be that you would buy a book or a software program, use it for what it was worth, and then get rid of it (or throw it in the back of the closet). Things have changed. All of the top Japanese software programs today have an online component. Sometimes you get exclusive access to learning forums. Other times you get to upload and download custom data made by both users of the product and by its manufacturer. Most of the top rated programs give you lifetime access to software and program updates. These “extra” features oftentimes prove to be more valuable than the software itself, so be sure to check them out before making a purchase.

4. Read Product Reviews

Online product reviews are something that I both love and hate. I love them because I like to hear what experienced users of a product think of it before I buy it myself. In the end, it matters little how much the company likes its own product, and it matters a lot what real users think of it. I hate online product reviews because they are oftentimes nothing more than sales pitches written by people selling the products themselves. To get around this, I do one simple thing. I only read product reviews that have a walkthrough. If there is a walkthrough of the program, then I at least know that the person who wrote the review has used the product.

5. Take a Test Drive

If a Japanese language learning software program doesn’t offer a free trial, I don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that. This is not really an issue, though, as all of the top-rated programs have them. The problem is that people rarely use them. Instead, they make buying decisions based on marketing campaigns and product reputation. This doesn’t work, though, because we all learn in different ways, and just because I love a certain software program doesn’t mean that you will.


Learning Japanese can be fun, or it can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Much of how it turns out for you will depend on which software or online course you buy. Get a high-quality course that fits your learning style well, and you’ll have a great experience.

The Best iPod Downloads – 8 Tips to Find the Top iPod Download Site

There are literally hundreds of iPod download sites on the internet, and like all websites, they are not all created equal. Some sites charge outrageous sign-up fees, while other sites are dirt cheap but and only have a limited number of files available. Here is what to look for when you want to find the best possible iPod download sites.

1. File selection – Check out the homepage of the site in question and see how many media files you will have access to. These days, any iPod download site that offers less than 20 million files is not worth your time or money. Find a site with plenty of downloads to choose from and you will be sure to find what you are looking for — music, movies, tv shows, software, etc.

2. Sign-up fee vs. per-download fees – Many sites will charge you ten dollars or less and it seems like you are getting an awesome deal. Then, you read the fine print and realize they charge you a dollar for each download. This adds up very quickly. You will save a lot of money if you find a site with a reasonable one-time sign up fee with no recurring charges.

3. Money-back Guarantee – Does the site you are signing up for offer a money back guarantee? If they do not offer a guarantee do not sign up! This makes sense as any site could claim one thing and then once you pay offer something completely different.

4.Customer Service and Support – Does the iPod download site provide 24 hour technical support and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section? The best download sites will have an extensive FAQ section to cover most common questions. Be sure to check this out before you commit.

5.Website Interface – Even though you will not know for sure how well the download area is organized until you sign-up, you can get a good idea by exploring the non-member’s area of the iPod download site. The easier a site is to navigate, the easier it will be to find what you are looking for. This is a great time saver!

6. File Compatibility – Does the site offer files that work exclusively on your iPod? Do they provide free converting software if this is not the case? Any quality iPod download site will offer free converting software. The good news is that you can play iPod compatible files right on your computer, if you so choose. But it does not always work both ways: some files you can play on your computer but not on your iPod. Be sure to find a site with free converting software.

7.Safety of Downloaded Files – You never know if something you download is infected with spyware, adware, or viruses. Quality iPod download sites will provide free spyware/adware removal software that automatically scans files as you download them to ensure your computer is protected.

8.Bonuses – Top iPod download sites offer free bonuses, such as DVD to PC converting software and — as we already talked about — spyware/adware removal. Quality bonuses such as these are often worth more than the sign-up fee itself, making it so all of your iPod downloads are free!

This is the basic criteria for what to look for when judging iPod download sites. I’ve applied this criteria to over 70 iPod download sites and a few select sites stand out above the rest. Discover the top ipod downloads.

Free Audio-Video Conferencing Software

While complex audio-video conferencing installations may be expensive, there are audio-video conferencing software applications that can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost. This is particularly beneficial for smaller companies or other organizations that wish to take advantage of the benefits of audio-video conferencing.

Free audio-video conferencing software applications can be downloaded from Web sites that provide downloads in different categories such as software, music and video. The audio-video conferencing software applications are most likely to be found under the technical software category.

There are a few tips to keep in mind before downloading certain audio-conference software. You need to determine where the audio-video conferencing facility will be used. In most cases, free software is only applicable for small-time companies or organizations because of technical limitations.

Secondly, you may want to read posted reviews or ratings of the software. Download sites often include feedback forums for each featured software application. You may want to peruse comments from other users first before selecting an audio-video conferencing program to download. Aside from this, some download Web sites also feature a short description of the application software. This description usually provides a background on the preferred usage of the application and its limitations. Reading this description may help you determine if the application suits your needs.

It also helps to check the technical requirements of the featured software application. Free audio-video conferencing software usually requires an operating system of Windows 98 or higher. In addition, the user should check the estimated download time of the application. Free audio-video conferencing software applications have an average size of 330 KB. Depending on your connection speed, the download time may take between five minutes to an hour.

Shareware audio-video conferencing software applications can also be temporary. This means that the software can only be used without charge for a certain period of time. Hosting companies call this a trial period. Consider this option if you plan to buy a permanent and more advanced audio-video conferencing software application in the future.